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6th Bilateral Seminar
Palermo, Italy, 19-20 November 2014


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BSIJ 2014

Group photo at the conclusion of the Seminar.


CNR in Antarctica: trailer

Courtesy of Marco Faimali (ISMAR-CNR).
See also the Programme on 20 November.


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are very pleased to announce the 6th Bilateral Seminar Italy-Japan (6th BSIJ-2014) entitled

Physical and Chemical Impacts on Marine Organisms
Supporting Blue Growth
in meaningful mutual symbiosis with the marine environment

which will be held at the Area della Ricerca del CNR, Palermo, Italy, 19-20 November 2014.

The BSIJ is a consolidated meeting point of Italian and Japanese experts investigating the effect of environmental impacts on marine organisms. Researchers will gather together in a friendly atmosphere to report the result of their research, discuss and exchange information.

We also welcome scientists from other EU or industrialized countries (USA, Canada, Australia) as well as researchers from developing countries (India, China, Korea), with the aim of favouring the interactions among the scientific community interested in the preservation and safeguard of the oceans of the world.

In this edition, a Plenary Lecture on global warming and ocean acidification will be given by:

Maria Byrne
Change in the world's oceans: responses of echinoderm development to warming and acidification and analysis of the effects of multiple stressors on marine embryos and larvae
University of Sydney, Australia

The sessions of the meeting will focus on the following topics:

Current impacts in natural environment, effects on marine organisms
(Mediterranean Sea, Japanese Seas, field surveys and analysis)

Response mechanisms of marine organisms to environmental impacts
(From biological communities to tissue, cell and molecular levels)

Analysis of the effects on marine organism caused by environmental impacts
(Model organisms, biomarkers, gene expression analysis)

Sustainable use of marine resources
(Macroalgae, microalgae, bioassays, new biomaterials)

In addition to invited experts, a number of talks will be given by Ph.D. students, post-docs and young researchers, selected from submitted abstracts.


Scientific Organisers

Valeria Matranga

Valeria Matranga Email
(CNR Scientific Referent, ITALY)


National Research Council
Institute of Biomedicine and Molecular Immunology ”A. Monroy”
Palermo, Italy


Masato Kiyomoto

Masato Kiyomoto Email
(JSPS Scientific Referent, JAPAN)

Ochanomizu University

Ochanomizu University
Tateyama Marine Laboratory, Marine and Coastal Research Center
Tateyama, JAPAN


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Programme & Abstracts
BSIJ 2014 Book PDF
ISBN 9788890580567

& Payment

14 July 2014


10 October 2014

Late registrations will be accepted until 30 October 2014 at a higher fee. Check the Information page for further details.


14 July 2014


10 October 2014
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National Experts


Masato Kiyomoto »»
JSPS Scientific Referent

Makoto Kakinuma »»
Keita Kodama »»
Kei Nomiyama »»
Mari Ochiai »»
Hajime Watanabe »»
Toshihiro Horiguchi »»
Yukio Yokota »»


Valeria Matranga »»
CNR Scientific Referent

Ilaria Corsi »»
Marco Faimali »»
Francesca Garaventa »»
Adrianna Ianora »»
David Pellegrini »»
Francesco Regoli »»

Local and technical support

Mauro Biondo
Alessandro Pensato

Organising secretariat

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